Panoramic Rome Tour for Cruisers

Panoramic Rome for Cruisers is one of Stefano’s RomeCabs most popular Shore Excursions from Civitavecchia for many reasons requested by cruisers.


CLICK PLAY to watch the PANORAMIC ROME FOR CRUISERS Video with the fabulous sites included in this popular tour.



1. Panoramic Rome Tour for Cruisers avoids crowded attractions

Many of Rome’s most popular attractions like the Colosseum and Vatican get worse in the peak travel seasons like May through October. Security lines at the Colosseum can last up to 3 hours long if you can’t arrive as early as possible once the Colosseum opens at 8:30 AM

The Vatican Museums can be described as a “hot sardine can” with thousands of visitors pushed and shoved through crowded corridors packed with visitors, group tours, bus tours, etc.

Lack of Air Conditioning systems inside the museums makes the atmosphere very hot in the already hot summer months. With centuries’ old frescoes from floor to ceiling including the ceiling, it’s impossible to install AC systems without damaging the art work.  People sensitive to heat and have issues with super packed places prefer to AVOID the Colosseum and Vatican.


Panoramic Rome for Cruisers Shore Excursion with RomeCabs

2.  You don’t have to book expensive advance tickets.

To have a chance to enter the Colosseum (if the security lines are not too long), and to visit the Vatican Museums, you are required to book your Admission Tickets in Advance.

This leaves no possibility for flexibility for your tour when you’ve invested so much in these tickets. If your ship itinerary changes due to weather or other port related issues, you can lose your tickets and your money as tickets are NON refundable once they are booked.


3. Experience see MORE of Rome!

Without spending time in security lines and lengthy visits inside the Colosseum and Vatican, you can enjoy MORE of Rome’s fabulous squares and see more of the Eternal City and its ancient treasures.


Panoramic Rome for Cruisers Shore Excursion with RomeCabs

4.  It’s a more relaxed tour

Most cruisers have port excursions each day, and after a while touring can get exhausting!   The Colosseum takes almost 1 hour to visit with NO places to rest inside the monument (not considering the potential security lines). The Vatican takes about 2 hours to visit – again with NO adequate places to sit and rest.  If you’ve already invested in pricey tickets and tour guide, you can’t just cancel these sites without losing money.  Your Vatican Tickets are also for a specific time… which leaves no flexibility to modify your tour if you risk arriving too late and miss your Vatican visit.

Our Panoramic Rome Tour for Cruisers allows for flexibility to  tour at your pace, see as much as you can without stringent schedules and commitments.


5.  You get to see Rome  Underground!

The only tickets required are for San Clemente Underground tour of the Ancient Roman pagan temple and ancient Christian church excavated beneath the Basilica.  It’s a wondrous experience to step into the bowels of ancient Rome and walk through the ancient chambers that once belonged to Ancient Roman pagan temples, and an early 4th century Roman Church. In the ancient times, old buildings were covered up and sealed with dirt and became foundations for newer buildings.  As such, you can also appreciate just how far BELOW Ancient Rome used to be compared to today’s street levels!


Clemente Basilica Collage

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