How to get from Fiumicino to Civitavecchia in 3 easy steps:


How to get from Fiumicino to Civitavecchia in 3 easy steps with Stefano’s RomeCabs?

Avoid the many steps, pitfalls, uncertainties, and challenges of trains, buses, taxis and public transportation from Fiumicino Airport to Civitavecchia Cruise Port.


10 steps to taking trains from FCO Airport to Civitavecchia


Stefano’s RomeCabs offers Cruisers an easy, convenient, quick, affordable, and comfortable solution for an enjoyable stress free transfer from Fiumicino Airport to Civitavecchia Cruise Port.

  • Book your transfer online with Stefano’s RomeCabs easily via our website on our



Our website is user friendly and offers travelers and cruisers all the necessary information about our port transfer services including a How to Meet Your Driver at FCO Airport in order to prepare you in advance.


Our booking form will ask you the pertinent information required to provide you with accurate transfer from FCO / Fiumicino Airport to Civitavecchia.

Our English speaking office staff are always happy to offer assistance and emails are replied within 24 hours.


  • Meet your RomeCabs Driver at Fiumicino Airport for your Cruise Port Transfer


As soon as you clear customs, exit the baggage claims area, and enter the main waiting hall, your RomeCabs Driver will be waiting for you near the Meeting Point Column holding a sign with your name.

Your driver will escort you to the parked vehicle in the designated garage for car service companies, and you are on your way!

Because flight and luggage delays can happen unexpectedly, you are NOT at any risks of missing train schedules required to arrive to your ship on time.

When you book with Stefano’s Rome Cabs, your Driver will wait for you as needed so you will enjoy peace of mind when traveling to foreign countries and facing unexpected delays.

  • Enjoy a relaxing transfer to Civitavecchia and be dropped off on the pier next to your ship

While it can take up to 4 hours from FCO Airport to Civitavecchia Cruise Port when traveling by multiple trains and buses with added wait times, it only takes about 1 hour to arrive to your ship with us.

Unlike travelers by trains and buses who have to carry their own luggage extensively, when you book with Stefano’s RomeCabs you don’t have to worry about your luggage.


Taking the Train to Civitavecchia

Taking the Trains and Buses to Civitavecchia Port

On our private Civitavecchia Cruise Port Transfers, you and your luggage will travel in comfort and relaxation from Fiumicino Airport to Civitavecchia, and your driver will deliver you right on the pier next to your ship for optimal convenience.

While your cruise mates who opted to take the trains and buses arrive at the port exhausted and frazzled, you are ready to begin your much anticipated Cruise holiday rested, refreshed, and stress-free!

RomeCabs Civitavecchia Transfer

Arriving at your ship in Civitavecchia with RomeCabs



  • Be sure to verify with your Driver that he has ALL your reservation details to avoid imposters and touts at the airport that mislead and trick travelers into leaving with them.
  •  Keep in mind that ONLY your Stefano’s RomeCabs Driver has all your reservation details (full name in the reservation, drop off location, price of service).  If in doubt, call our office number and we are on standby to assist.
  • To avoid travel difficulties associated with delayed flights and luggage that can put you behind schedule, choose a flight that arrives early in the morning at FCO Airport.  Even though the chance of unforeseen delays are small, the piece of mind of knowing you have some leeway with your time is priceless and reduces a lot of pre-trip stress.

Private Rome Civitavecchia Transfser_Stefano's RomeCabs Driver Service Cruise Port


  •  Alternatively, if you cannot get an early morning flight arriving at Fiumicino Airport, plan to arrive the day before and stay the night in the seaside town of Civitavecchia.  Civitavecchia is a lovely and lively seaport town with many amenities such as shops, restaurants, cafes, markets, pharmacies, and a fabulous seashore promenade for a stroll.

Transfers from Fiumicino to Civitavecchia Hotels with RomeCabs

Transfers from Fiumicino to Civitavecchia Hotels

You can certainly book a Civitavecchia Transfer to a hotel instead of the Cruise Port. There are many hotels, cafes, restaurants, shopping, a lovely promenade by the sea for some relaxing time before your cruise.

Transfers to Civitavechia Cruise Port Hotel

Civitavecchia Fortress of Michelangelo

Wish to make the most of your morning with a fun Pre Cruise Tour to Civitavecchia? 

Enjoy a morning of sightseeing in Rome in the comfort of your private deluxe vehicle driven by your English speaking Driver, or delight in the Roman Countryside visiting medieval castles and villages, and relish an authentic Italian lunch in a tiny clifftop hamlet where time stood still. 


Our sister company Stefano Rome Tours also has a fabulous countryside Pre Cruise Tour you will be sure to love!




Thank you for booking your Civitavecchia Transfers with us, we look forward to meeting you in Italy!



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