How to Meet your ROME CABS DRIVER at Fiumicino Airport



Ciao, benvenuto a Roma!

Hello and welcome to Rome! Thank you for booking your transfer with Rome Cabs Limousine Car Service, Rome’s leading company for Transfers, Tours and Shore Excursions. Your safe and comfortable arrival into Rome from the airport is our top priority.

Once you’ve arrived at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, you must first clear customs, retrieve your luggage at the appropriate carousel, and then follow the signs to the exit doors to meet your RomeCabs chauffeur!

There are 2 terminals you could  be arriving at: Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, depending on the airline you’re flying with. However, most international flights arrive at Terminal 3.



RomeCabs Transfers Meeting Point at FCO Terminal 3

RomeCabs Meeting Point at FCO Terminal 3

If you arrive at Terminal 3, you will exit through the doors, and enter the waiting area where travelers are met by friends, family, and of course, their private drivers.

Meeting your RomeCabs chauffeur at the meeting point is easy. Upon exiting the doors into the waiting area, turn to your left and a few yards  away you’ll notice a large blue and white square column with a sign at the top that reads Meeting Point. Your Rome Cabs Driver will be waiting for you near the column with a sign bearing your name.



How to Meet your RomeCabs Driver

RomeCabs Meeting Point at FCO Terminal 1

If you are flying with KLM, AirFrance, or are flying domestically within Italy, you will arrive at Terminal 1.

There are 2 exits at the opposite ends of this terminal: 1 exit without luggage, and 1 exit with luggage.

Your driver will meet you at the identical looking Meeting Point column located between these two exits, but a bit closer to the Exit With Luggage.

If you are arriving WITH luggage, turn RIGHT and walk to the blue and white Meeting Point Column.

If you are arriving WITHOUT luggage, turn LEFT at the corner of Chef Express and walk to the Meeting Point Column.


Flights that arrive at Terminal 5, Terminal 3, or Terminal 2,  will exit through Terminal 3.
Flights that arrive at Terminal 1, you will always exit through terminal 1.

If you do not notice your chauffeur at or near the Meeting Point column, please do not exit the airport to the taxi waiting area outside. Do NOT exit the airport and walk outside as your driver will not be there.

If you are experiencing any airport delays call our office immediately so we can assist you.


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Thank you very much and we look forward to be of service to you in Italy!

The RomeCabs Team



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